Valve Guide and Seat Reconditioning

The Newen Contour machine does a superb job of rebuilding cylinder heads and engines that have valves in block.

The Newen Contour machine allows for infinite valve seat angles as we are no longer restricted by form tools to cut the valve seat. This CNC machine uses a single point tool allowing us to perform many machining steps of the angles at once.

We install new valve guides in every engine we work on, since it has many benefits. Most engines never had hardened seats installed. The valve seat was part of the existing cast iron block or head.

Machining for valve seats total time for each seat pocket 16 seconds.

With the Stellite seat is being installed in the engine the benefits are many, one of them being that the customer doesn't need lead additive, the seat restores the original valve height. Having a new seat will make the engine last longer than the original material, so there's no need for frequent valve grinds. Since the modern valves are of a harder material the, replacement seat complements it.

For example some engines have a nonadjustable valve train and the installation of a valve seat recreates the correct valve height, so that there is no interference of the moving valve train.

Compound angles no problem
All seats machined to proper angle.