Frequently Asked Questions

"Why does your engine cost more than what others advertise?"

The main reason is the other shops cut corners somewhere in parts or the way the engine is rebuilt. J and M will go over step by step how your engine gets remanufactured with you and even provides pictures to see how the work is done.

You will see that no one remanufactures an engine like J and M machine from cleaning to machining to the crack repair to the finished product we don't skip steps and it gets done right the first time no excuses that's the J and M difference.

"How long does it take to remanufacture the engine?"

On the average it takes us a few weeks to a few months depending on what particular engine it is and the availability of parts on hand. For example a Model A or T or Chevy engine for example would only take us 3-4 weeks to do all of the work as compared to say an early Hupmobile for example where the parts may have to be made. The amount of machining time may be the same but it is the availability of parts that is typically the hold up.

"Do you mind if I supply the parts?"

A word about this, due to the fact that there are many parts suppliers out there some reputable others not so reputable it's buyer beware. Since we have been in business now for many years we have built relationships with the reputable ones and can depend on their quality to get the job done.

If you are to provide your own parts you have to be aware that the responsibility is yours if the part fails as we can't stand behind others parts.We have seen very good to very bad it if the part is questionable we will tell you and tell you the consequences. Sometimes the customer isn't always right and we have to let you know what you're in for.

Furthermore those parts may cost you more than what we are going to charge you for so it isn't really a good deal after all when you weigh all the consequences.

"Do You Paint the Engines when the work is done?"

Yes: We use "Bill Hirsch" engine paint on all the engines we do unless the customer wants something different but we have found his paints to hold up the longest.

"When you remanufacture the engine do you reuse the old parts?"

The only thing we reuse are the Hard parts the engine block,cylinder head,crankshaft and camshaft,and connecting rods,etc. Basically the engine is gone through in its entirety as all gasket surfaces are checked and re machined all wearing surfaces are redone either by honing or re machining to the factory spec so. All the hardware nuts,bolts,studs,springs,valves,guides,pistons,piston rings, are all replaced or rebuilt there is nothing left to chance and it is never "good enough or close enough for us". We rebuild the engines as they were our own.The amount the customer spends and the time and labor put in to an engine rebuild doesn't it make sense to do it right the first time?

"Do you test run the engines when they are done?"

In the almost 20 years of our business we have only test run one engine per customer request. We have had 100% success rate in all our engine rebuilds and provide the customer with a detailed installation and break in sheet of how to start and take car of the engine for its next lifetime.

We follow up with all of our customers and make sure that everything is going to plan and make sure the satisfaction remains high. We are always available to answer questions anyone may have in regard to the engine or questions about the engine in general.

"Do you also rebuild the accessories ?"

We don't rebuild the starter, generator or water pump,carburetor at J and M as we focus on engine rebuilding only. However we highly recommend that these get checked and or rebuilt at the time of the engine removal as all these things affect how the engine will run when it is reinstalled.

We have contacts that we can refer you to to do this work as well as we do ours.

"Do you provide an itemized receipt of the work done?"

Yes we have always done this. We provide a breakdown of all parts used the cost and the sizes of the engine internal pieces so that the customer knows what was done and what everything cost there aren't hidden fees at J and M machine. Also we provide a full documentation of pictures sent via email or on a disc so that the customer will have a visual and a written record of what work that was performed on the engine.