Custom Work: Ford Model T Transmission Drums

We at J and M started making these drums out of necessity due to market as we
were unsatisfied with the quality that was available at the time. The drums and
gears are made exactly to the original "Ford" prints using modern materials making
them more durable than the originals. We make the new drive gears and transmission
gears and drums as an assembly so there is no need to exchange parts. The brake drum assemblies both early and late are made to accept the drive clips so long life is assured.

Custom Work: Ford Model T and Model A Engines

These two engines represent a big percentage of our output but they aren't the only engines we do unlike other shops. We utilize the latest technology and modern improvements to make these engines run better and last longer than they ever did from the factory. With proper general maintenance, these babbitted engines can easily see 100,000 miles. This is because of our innovative working techniques, and the quality of the modern parts used. Model A Engine running: (Video to the right)This is an engine we just completed for a customer from Nantucket, MA. This engine has the new "Burlington Crankshaft" installed and Brumfield cylinder head and the engine is fully balanced.

Custom Work: Model T Pulleys

We started making these pulleys out of demand for something better. These are machined exactly to the orignial Ford Blueprint and are available in the early and late size as seen here.