Cylinder Boring / Sleeving

We utilize the AMC CM1200V boring mill which represents a major investment for any machine shop.

This machine is designed to handle the boring and sleeving with ease. Sleeving the cylinders is required to save an engine and return it to its useful life. Whether it be because the engine was worn out or the engine sustained damage from being frozen or from internal failure.

When we sleeve an engine we machine the cylinder leaving a step at the bottom so that the sleeve won't move at all.

This machine is dual purpose as it will also resurface all of the cylinder heads and engine blocks within a minute tooling change

Cylinder sleeve for the hole being bored.

John measuring Dart block final bore
before honing.

Shows the resurfacing capability of
the machine a 12v71 Detroit Diesel
cylinder head, mirror finish.

A good example of the reason for sleeving
as the connecting rod bolt broke causing
damage to the cylinder wall.