Thermal Cleaning

Unlike our competitors, J&M Machine utilize thermal cleaning to ensure full compliance of restrictions enforced by the EPA.

Not only does this system offer a far superior modern cleaning solution to our customers but is 100% environmentally friendly as compared with "Hot tanking" engines.

After complete disassembly of an engine, the components are placed in an oven and heated to selected temperatures that vaporize and dehydrate the parts as they rotate in the oven.

All sludge and oil/carbon and paint is removed with no damage done. After the heating process the parts are then placed in the "shot peen machine" which removes the ash left over from the bake oven using small steel beads. In this machine entire surfaces are cleaned as well as internally for example water jacket area of the engine, promoting better water circulation.

This process has proven to remove all scale and rust as well as debris and casting sand from the inside as well as outside of the engine.

When customers come to see our shop they see an engine done by this process they think that the part is new because of the thoroughness of cleaning.

Before Clean
After Clean