Connecting Rod Reconditioning

This step of the engine rebuilding is important the fact that the rod is part of the motion of the engine. After cleaning and then crack checking and straightening the rod we then machine the parting faces of the rod making the bearing end smaller.

We then install new rods bolts and then torque to recommended spec. We then remove material by the use of the Sunnen 1810 hone for small removal amounts of less than ten thousands.This machine uses an abrasive stone to remove metal and we can finish the rod to better than factory spec maintaining one tenth of a thousandth since we are doing each rod one by one rather than by mass production.

Honing of the small end of rod.

For amounts more than ten thousandths or babbitt bearings or where precise center to center distance is a must we use the Van Norman rod Lathe.

This machine maintains the same strict sizes we adhere to exact tolerances of the required piece.This machine can handle up to a 20 inch connecting rod and can machine the thrust surfaces of the rod as well as the wrist pin end of the connecting rod.

Wrist pin bushings finish honed
Honing of the big end of rod.