Rebabitting of Cam, Rod & Main Bearing

Babbitt is an alloy composition of several metals serving the purpose of a bearing surface. The babbitt is poured in place in its molten form with the use of molds for the particular purpose of being a good wearing material based on its composition of metals.

Babbitting was used in all forms of machinery but was used in automobiles proficiently until the late 50's because of its cost and the ability to correct the machining inaccuracies of the industry. However, babbitting today has vastly improved in the chemistry of the metal and strength/durability, although the art of babbitt is the same, the technology has vastly improved.

Re-babbitted main bearing of a
1929 Model A Ford
Babbitt machined by original Ford tools to
Fords original (1929) specifications
Shows quality of finish of rod bearing for
1930 Reo