Crack Repair & Metal Stitching

Metal stitching or cold pinning was developed at the turn of the century. This process utilizes threaded and tapered pins to repair metal cracks caused by thermal stress and engine failure. People are often confused to think that stitching is a welded repair and are amazed to find that the repair is done cold.

The way that the crack is repaired is holes are drilled the length of the crack and also across it and then certain pins are then inserted at precise locations. The result of the stitching will stop the crack and seal it without the use of any chemicals.

The advantages of metal stitching over welding is that it is longer lasting and leaves the repair "stress free". More importantly, there is no blemish or deformity due to the repair which could be caused by the application of heat.

High Quality workmanship results in no
evidence of the fracture repaired by metal stitching.
Repairs on a 1924 Continental 6 cylinder engine
by OTHERS fail due to poor quality workmanship
Repaired section of the 1924 Continental shows
the removal and insertion of new material that is
smooth and stress free. There is no possibility of
any future porosity or cracking.