Just a note to let you know that I received the cylinder head and think your shop did a fantastic job on the repair. I will keep your contact info on hand and recommend you to anyone who may be in need of your services. The head is installed and the motor is now waiting to be put back into the 1925 Luverne fire truck.

Mike Anderson
St.James fire Department
St.James, MN 56081

In 2001 we took a trip from our home in Virginia to new England on vacation and for a mission. The mission was to find a machine shop to rebuild our 1928 Model A engine.We went to Pennsylvania,New York and Massachusetts to inspect the workmanship, quality and overall shop capacity.We also interviewed the people doing the work. The shops I didn't choose either didn't have the capability to do the work or cut corners on the work to be done. No crack checking or crack repair "JB weld" is good enough most claimed. Most only replaced some bolts or studs as they needed not thorough enough for us. We chose J & M Machine because they did a thorough job everything was cleaned and crack checked replaced all nuts, bolts and studs.
They fixed all the cracks by stitching and nothing was left to chance. They balanced my engine which I believe helps in the longevity. I highly recommend the work of John and Mike do. I have just picked up my second Model A engine from them and if I need any more engines rebuilt I will certainly bring them to J & M. The quality of their machine shop their skill and workmanship is well worth the trip.

Robert Demarest
Madison, VA

Dear John and Michael:
I correspond to thank you for your careful attention to my Model A engine.
I appreciated you expedious reconstruction and restoration of the engine which I brought to you.
The engine which I brought home in no way resembles the dilapidated engine which I asked you to repair, fortunately doesn't possess many of its original internal parts.
I further want to thank you for the significant time which you gave me to answer my questions in regard to the work which you perform in you beautifully equipped machine shop.Your skill to use the equipment truly is remarkable.
I respect what you have accomplished and the work for which you providing for Model A'ers and others very much.
You both have a storng work ethic as it is conspicuous.
Thank you again for all of the work you have done for me.

David S Walton M.D.

John and Mike,
As you know I searched extensively for a machine shop with the knowledge and more importantly the experience to rebuild my 1927 Chevy engine. After looking at your web site and then our first telephone conversation, it was clear you understood exactly how to provide the quality and precision I was looking for. However it wasn't what you said to me on the telephone that sold me on your machine shop. It was what you had done, past and present, old and new, simple and complex, and how well done each and every project was completed.
Benjamin Franklin said "Well done is better than well said" and when it comes to my 1927 Chevy engine I want to thank you and simply say "Well Done!"
Finding someone I could trust, getting the updates and pictures along the way, and finally getting what I paid for made my experience with J & M Machine Co. a pleasure.
I couldn't be more pleased - it was great doing business with you!

John II

Hey John / Mike,
I've got the Model A up and running. WOW what a difference!!!. Sounds great and I'm anxious to get back out on the road. Great job guys.

Rich Wallingford
Model A Ford

Driving my Healey after 38 years thanks to you.

Richard Townsend

Millbury, MA 1966 Austin Healy 3000

Your engine has been flawless, it gives me a sense of security with the car, I feel as though I can drive it anywhere without the fear of having any problems. It always starts, always almost instantly.We even drove it the local 4th of July parade this year, but mostly just cruise around town. Anyway, I enclosed some pictures, I will get some of the engine for you also, If you need any references let me know. Say hello to Mike for me too.

Mark Wayland
Model T Ford